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Nest secure does not reset

Community Member

How can I reset nest guard to factory setting? Pressing 2 for several minutes doesn't work - no message.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Ssnema,


Thanks for reaching out. I know it's been a while already. I'm sorry for the delay. A factory reset should only be done in rare cases for troubleshooting. After reset, you will need to go through the setup process again if you want to use Nest Secure. If you reset Nest Guard while your Nest Detects are offline, the Nest Detects will appear as offline in the Nest app. If the Nest Detects are online at the time of the reset, they will be removed from your account.


Note: As a security precaution, a factory reset can’t be done if Nest Secure is armed in Home and Guarding or Away and Guarding, speaking a Heads-Up, sounding the alarm or if the battery is critically low. 


  1. Remove Nest Secure from your account in the Nest app.
  2. Set Nest Secure to Off Nest Guard off with Nest Guard’s keypad, or the alarm may sound.
  3. Press and hold the 2 button on Guard’s keypad. Do not release the button while Guard goes through a software version and check.When Guard says, “Release to erase all settings,” let go of the button.
  4. Guard will speak again and say, “Erasing all settings and returning to factory defaults in five seconds. Press any button to cancel.”
  5. The light ring should turn yellow and begin a 5-second countdown.