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Nest thermostat not holding set temperature

Community Member

I have a Nest 1st generation Thermostat.  If I set it at 74 if will continue to run when the indoor temp reads 74 and finally shut off at 73.  It will say 74 but I have check with two auxiliary thermometers next to the Nest they both read 73.  Has anyone else had this problem and how did you correct it?



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Mustang18,


Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry for the late reply. I wanted to ensure you were good to go.


Have you managed to check your Nest Thermostat settings for any programmed features such as Auto-schedule, Temperature Schedules, and the Home and Away Assist? If you haven't yet, please disable all the said settings on your thermostat to avoid sudden temperature changes. Once disabled, restart your thermostat to refresh.


Let me know if that helps.