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Profits over Quality

Community Member

Why does Google continue to sell defective Google/Nest products? Seems to me that Google should invest in improving quality, but would rather spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising products known to be defective. I have “invested” significant dollars on Google/Nest products that do not function as advertised. Google used to be a company that cared about what they were doing. Those days are long gone and I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with the products. The best offer I received was a small discount toward purchasing more of their garbage products. I declined since I will not purchase more of their **bleep** products. I am sticking with the garbage I have for now, but will not purchase more in the future when it eventually(sooner than later) fails to perform. I also do not recommend these products to friends or family so you don’t just lose me as a current customer you lose others considering your products. Google can eat dirt.