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Realistic Expections for no C Wire

Community Member

I have a heating system that is a two-wire only system. We have no central AC. My current programmable thermostat is powered by a coupe of AA batteries, and does a minimal job of allowing a weekly cycle of programming. I'd like to investigate a replacement, as it is difficult to program.

So, this means I have no C wire, just a Rh and a W wire. The current thermostat us a Rh-Rc jumper. I have no intention of using a C-wire adapter. My understanding is that I could use athe Nest Learning Thermostat or the Thermostat E. My question is: during the heating season, which I'll say is October-April, how often will I need to reove the thermostat from the wall and charge it via USB? How long doe s stypical charge last? I get that during the summer it will likely run out of charge, and that's OK. My intention is to charge it up when it starts to get cold, and then as necessary. I'm assuming that when the device is actually working, it can charge from thr Rh & W wires.

Should I even bother with replacing my existing thermostat wth a "smart" thermostat?