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Sengled Bluetooth Mesh lights

Community Member

Sengled Bluetooth Mesh lights (that advertise they are compatible with Google Home with seamless setup) won't connect. The app that you have to connect through is only for the WiFi bulbs (Sengled Home), but not the Sengled Bluetooth app. Otherwise this would be much easier. It feels like false advertising to tout connectivity to Google right on the box when it doesn't work. Otherwise I'm going to have to get an Alexa to use these bulbs...


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello mw106495,

To Connect third-party smart home devices in the Google Home app, the device should be a Google Assistant-enabled device. There are a few third-party devices that can be set up directly in the Google Home app, but most of those devices need to be set up on their native apps and then linked to the native app under Works with Google in the Google Home app.

For further confirmation of how the Sengled Bluetooth mesh lights work with Google, I suggest that you contact Sengled support so they can walk you through how to link their device to Google Assistant.