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Setting nest safety temperature below 95

Community Member

I've looked and I cannot find a clear answer, I'm sorry if it's in front of my face.  I'd like to lower the safety temperature to 85 as we're going away and we live in socal where it's over a 100f.  How did I do this.   Please no useless apologies, just make it clear how to do this. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Avas69,


Thanks for posting in our Community. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with this. Let’s check it out.


Depending on the type of Nest thermostat you have, you can set the Safety Temperature on the thermostat itself, the Google Home app, or the Nest app.


Follow the steps here: Thermostat Safety Temperatures.


I hope that helps.




Community Member

I don't feel like you're reading what I'm saying .  I've gone the screen you speak of.  I can't get the slide to below 95.  I ended up using the eco between 80 and 85.  I seems like same thing?

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Yes, all of these reps are giving boilerplate responses for a CLEARLY BROKEN FEATURE THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. Hello? Google/Nest? Fix it.