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Taking over a Nest System from a Previous Owner-Need to Find a Nest Pro or other pro in Tuscon Az

Community Member

Just bought a home in Tucson but we aren't there yet. We need to take over all the Nest systems, door lock, cameras, thermostat etc and need to find a Nest pro contractor but according to the Nest search page there are none listed in the Tucson Az are. Does anyone know a company that can go in and reset these systems so we can manage the systems and take it over from the previous owner. The previous owner does not want to help so I think all devices need a factory reset to be controlled and manage by us.



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

You don't necessarily need a Nest Pro to reset the devices you mentioned. Perhaps you can search for a local HVAC technician or general purpose maintenance technician instead? The steps are clearly documented online. 

Factory reset the Nest × Yale Lock - Google Nest Help

Restart or factory reset Nest camera or doorbell - Google Nest Help

Be aware that if the previous owner didn't remove the cameras from their account, you may not be able to set them up until their video history expires, depending on the camera model. More info:
Camera is connected to another account - Google Nest Help

How to restart or reset a Nest thermostat - Google Nest Help