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Tell us about your dream (smart) home

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

From a modern mansion to a cozy cottage, most people can quickly picture their dream home. But what about when it comes to your dream smart home? What products would make up your ideal ecosystem? And what automation capabilities would you like to see? 


Let us know in the comments below, and let’s discuss!


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I would like to have more possibilities with the "Home/away" routines. 

It would be great that these routines would also work with custom commands. So even if you don't have a google nest thermostat you can change temperature when you get home (I already had the thermostat from netatmo...) 


Beside this function I want to use the google nest camera's as a security system, but for the moment you can only send a nottification to the app. So it would be great if you can start a routine when somebody enters  your home that isn't a known person.


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One that Google doesn't control. Google has almost killed a rabbit by turning off the AC, when I've told them I don't want or need them in my system. 

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In my last home I had a great security system, that even opened the garage door. I had camera’s in  almost every room and my daughter was able to speak to me thru them. I could even see the steer from the doorbell. Peace of mind…

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I dream of a environment that doesn’t break devices when firmware is updated, or APIs eliminated or features stop working during acquisitions. 

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I thought I had the dream smart home with my google/nest but the last month or so everything has been failing or they’re taking turns not working. I currently have a nest doorbell, 2 google nest hubs, 2 of the smaller google nest displays, nest guard, countless sensors, 3 nest detects, a nest connect, 2 smart indoor cams, nest x yale lock, 2 thermostats. Lately, none of the nest products are showing up on the app. Now, my thermostats are reading about 7-8 degrees higher and my AC has been running non stop. The thermostats can’t connect to nest weave. This has become a nightmare. The google home hub displays are mysteriously resetting or cycling. What is going on at google? Are things going to get better or should I just rip everything out now?

I have noticed sporadic internet outages and have been resetting my MESH points more often (Google System firmware version: 294928 Cast firmware: 1.54.294928).  Underscores the ok importance of a stable internet/home network when developing a automated smart home.  Hopefully Google products and Google owned products (Nest) start to become more fluid and user friendly as there are more and more options out there.  Good luck FrustratedAF.  Feeling you.

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I would love to be able to unlock my front door by tapping my Pixel (Watch) to the reader and entering via NFC with Google Wallet. Or better yet, having it unlock before I get there if it has UWB.

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I would love to see my Nest Camera's on my Pixel Watch.  Kind of a shocker this can't happen already.