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Thermostat Adjustment

Community Member

Since the google home app update, the style has changed the thermostat settings to left handed.

Ill explain.

The scale on display is the same, but previously setting a temperature of 24C the slider was on the right of the 02.00 position, now its at the 10.00 clock position. So now if you use your right hand to move the slider your thumb blocks out the position and number. Now you need to use your left hand to adjust. Is the programmer left handed? The vast majority of people are right handed.


Btw the style update is terraable, whish you would fix bugs instead of messing with the display to make people think its a new app version with lots of fixes.


Really bad design, and now an artful thermostat control.

The original in smart life is still the same, i need to forget the home app and use Smart Life or even Alexa




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi kingjohn,


Thanks for bringing this up to us and we're sorry for the delay.


We are always thinking of new ways to provide the best user experience and we'll take this as feedback to have a better product and services.


Again, thank you for sharing it here in the Google Nest Community. If you have any other questions, let us know by creating a new thread as this will now be closed.


Best regards,