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Unable to cast from any device

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I literally never post any questions but at this stage I'm absolutely desperate. 


We have two Google chromcasts at home (each for a different TV) and both of them stopped working properly one after another within a week. Both of them are connected to wifi, wifi is strong and functioning well but when we try to cast from any of our 3 phones and iPad neither of the two chromcasts are showing as an option for casting. I've gone through endless amount of forums and tried literally everything but no luck. 


I have so far: 

- restarted wifi / tested speed - all good

- resetted chromcasts, set them up through new account, renamed them, did factory 'button' reset (you name it - I've tried it)

- I have checked if local network on my iphone is enabled, everything is enabled - not only local network but also location, Bluetooth for all apps from which we tried to cast and for Google home app - again no luck 

- we have restarted all our phones about million times

- mentioned iPad as it runs on a different iOS so iOS can't be to blame at this stage. The two iphones are on the latest one, the third iphone on a slightly older iOS and iPad is completely different. Regardless - this should not happen no matter what iOS is installed. 


It's really insane that something we use so regularly (literally on a daily basis) would suddenly stop working correctly. As I mentioned we have two of them so I don't think it's just a fault of a device itself. We haven't changed our wifi, we've been running on the same wireless 5g for ages. 


Please, help with some troubleshooting that might be actually helpful and doesn't make me repeat actions I've already mentioned :)! 


Thank you


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I also had this happen to me yesterday and it's so frustrating!

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It seems to be very common lately but there are no resources that would go beyond things I've already tried. Chromcast used to be reliable enough but both of them not appearing on any of our devices in spite of being connected and functioning...just beyond me. I just want to know if it's fixable or if this will be some new unsolvable incompatibility and I should just give up and toss them (v tempted ngl).