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Unable to setup Nest Cam on Nest Hub Max and Nest Cam indoor/outdoor battery

Community Member

Hi Nest Community

I've recently setup my home again from scratch. I can successfully add the Nest Home Max to the Home, however when I try to add the Nest Cam that's built it it jumps to a screen which says "There was a problem setting up your Nest Hub Max. Make sure that your WiFi network is working." almost immediately after scanning the QR code.


I've reset my modem, router and done a factory reset on the Hub several times and re-added it, same issue. I also have the exact same issue on the Nest Cam indoor/outdoor battery, which I've also fully reset several times.

I've had both connected to the same Google account before (but in a different home which has now been deleted).

DHCP is working fine on the router, MAC and IP filtering are temporarily turned off for now to rule that out and there's no record of any traffic being blocked.


Any ideas?






Maybe it's worth trying to contact Support, using the link and instructions in this post:

Perhaps there is something messed up on your account on Google Nest's servers that Google Nest needs to fix in order for you to continue with your installs.

Thanks, it was definitely worth a shot contacting support. I got a call back from support and they basically just ran through the troubleshooting steps that are listed on the Google help pages - try to add the cam through the Google Home app, delete and reinstall the app, try a different device to run the Home app on (I drew a line when advised to try an Apple device - if it doesn't work with an Android tablet and an Android phone, there's something very wrong!). I was then advised that it's a problem with my internet provider and she insisted that I be put through to them to resolve. My internet connection appears to be working perfectly and she wasn't able to advise on any ports needing to be open etc. I've checked my router logs and nothing shows as being blocked or dropped etc.

Not sure what else to try - any sugesstions?


That's disappointing that Support couldn't resolve it.

We have a Nest Hub Max, and it works fine--including its included camera.

But I've seen many posts in this forum with customers having problems with the camera in the Nest Hub Max--and no clear resolution.

I've also seen posts where customers were able to complete their install using an iPhone instead of an Android phone, even though it shouldn't be that way. Some of these posts are from customers with Pixel phones.  (We happen to have iPhones.)

What's odd about your situation is that you are blocked on reinstalling TWO cameras, the one on your Nest Hub Max and your battery camera. (We also have a battery camera, plugged in, with no ongoing issues.)