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Wait. I need TWO apps for video history?

Community Member

So, let me see if I've got this correct.

I bought nest cameras years ago. I pay for a subscription. I can see their 24/7 history in the nest app. They appear in the google home app, but not their history. I have to go to the nest app for that. 

If I buy any NEW nest cameras, they can be added to my subscription. However, I cannot see or interact with them in the nest app. I must use the google home app for that, and in order to see their video history, I need to use the google home app.


So, I have half a dozen cameras, one subscription, and TWO apps in order to see them all, but not in one place. If I want to see them all in one place, I need to replace the older cameras, with newer cameras. 


Is it that hard to build a cohesive user experience, in order to centralize everything?


"I have 4 kids. I have two cars. The kids born before 1995 can ride in the old car or the new car. If they ride in the new car, they will not be able to breathe or speak.  The kids born after 1995 can ride in the new car, but not the old car. All kids can eat at the same restaurant while on vacation, but I must drive two cars at the same time in order to get them there."


Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I completely understand why you did it this way.