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When casting a YouTube video, 'move to' causes Assistant to give nonsensical responses

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I'm playing a YouTube video on a nest hub Gen 2 and tell it "hey Google, move to bedroom display"

  and Google Assistant tells me "I'm sorry bedroom display does not support this feature"
I've been able to use that command to move videos between any nest hub Gen 2 in the house for weeks now. And now it's telling me I can't do it. Even though when I use the on-screen controls to cast it to the display I wanted to, it works just fine.

But wait Google Assistant isn't done being dumb yet.

Now when I'm in that room that I transferred the YouTube video to and I tell the Google nest Gen 2 device, while the video is playing, "hey Google, move to lounge display"  it tells me this:

"To display your photos, artwork, or a fullscreen clock on this device, set up Photo frame. Open the Google Home app, then touch and hold your smart display's tile. Tap the Settings icon, then "Photo frame."

Keep in mind, just yesterday I used the same command to get the result i wanted. Nothing has changed since then.

"hey Google, cast to lounge display"

Google Assistant tells me this:

"On the website, they say: Yes, if you are using Windows 10 and the host device supports Miracast, you can cast Android screens to the computer with the default Connect Application.
People also sometimes ask me: "How can I cast my phone screen to my computer monitor?" Do you want to hear the answer?"

Then when I get to the nest hub Gen 2 lounge display and I click on the screen to try and transfer the video manually that I had paused on a display in another room, it's no longer listed in the media section. And as I've reported previously, there is no history of videos you've been viewing. So I have to use my smartphone again to pull up the video and recast it to another display. I'd be better off, just playing it on my smartphone and carrying my smartphone around with me. At least it's reliable.

I think it's at a point where your Google home devices are so unreliable and dysfunctional that you should be releasing a public statement about why they're not working properly and what you plan to do to fix it.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


Thanks for posting. This is not the experience that we wanted you to have, let me help you out. You can reboot your Wi-Fi router, and once the network is back up, do the same thing to your Google Nest Hub (2nd gen).


Let me know how it goes.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello there,


I just wanted to follow up if you were able to try the steps provided. Please let us know as we would be happy to answer any questions you may have



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Community Specialist

Hey there,


Just checking in to make sure that you saw our responses. I'll be locking this thread if we don't hear back from you again in 24 hours. Should that happen, feel free to create a new one if you have more questions or have other concerns in the future.