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When trying to add media to a routine, get the error message "Media must be last in a Routine"

Community Member

Update:  problem solved.  I can't have the news play if I select the "Play and control media" option and select News.  However, I can get the news to play if I select "Try adding your own" and saying "Play the news".  Odd.  Thought this update might help others who are having the same issue by using delay start.


Ok, I would like to have a routine set up to play the time and weather, then have a 10 minute Delay start, and then play the news.  Basically, it's an auto-snooze for me.

If I set up the routine to play the news without the delay start, it works fine and it plays properly.  However, if I use the delay start, it will not save the action to play the news.  I hit add action, then play and control media, then select the type and enter what I want to play. I hit done and it goes back to the routine, and shows that it is added and it is there at the bottom of the list.  Then I save the Routine.  However, when I go back into the routine, it has not saved the media action.

So the news is working fine if I don't have a delay start, but it will not save the play the news if there is one.  I'd really like to get this to work!

I am on the latest version of Google Home.