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Where have the news sources and default radio app settings gone?

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Pixel 6 running Android 13, Google mini, home, hub, mesh, tv, nest cameras, and doorbell.

When I ask "Hey Google, News" I get several news sources that I had previously set up in the app. Each news source has its own volume level, so it's really annoying to have to adjust the volume level as each one plays, so I thought I'd just get rid of the ones that were too low to hear (with assistant volume super loud), but I can't find the setting anywhere. It used to be in with "default providers", but it's nowhere to be found. The other settings are still there though. If the lack of volume normalisation didn't annoy the hell out of me I probably might not have noticed.

When I said "Hey Google, stream (local radio station)" I got a message saying that a certain app wasn't installed, despite having several radio streaming apps installed. When I said "Hey Google, stream (local radio station) from (app installed on my phone) it gave me the same error message. Do you think I could find the setting to change the default provider? Weird thing is it started working again, but the assistant said "streaming (local radio station) from Radio app". Which one? Is the assistant just using it's own apps now? That's some pretty creepy stuff.

For anyone reading this that wants to suggest a solution, there is absolutely no way that I am going to reset my phone or anything like that. It took me a whole day to transfer everything, including all the two factor authentications, and that was doing it the easy way before Last Pass got hacked, and any suggestions to reset a reconfigure the whole system means you're obviously taking crazy pills. I've had to do it twice and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.



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@MrMat wrote:

If the lack of volume normalisation didn't annoy the hell out of me I probably might not have noticed.

Years ago I sent feedback about the same thing, nothing has changed. Volume leveling technology has been around for a long time, and I agree that a "smart" speaker should have smart sound.

You can find the News sources list in the Assistant settings - All Settings menu. Scroll down and you'll find it between the 'Music' and 'Notes & Lists' options. 

The only choice that I see where you can select default a default Radio provider is if you want to link to the SiriusXM service. I believe that the Assistant is able to search and find local stations based on the location settings that are saved in the Google account you're using.