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YouTube Cast

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After moving to a new place, my YouTube cast will not detect my tv anymore. YouTube cast used to work flawlessly where I used to live and I don’t get it. I uninstalled YouTube music reinstalled it, did a complete factory reset to my tv and set it up exactly how it was before. It’s not an internet issue because I literally have better internet where I am now than where I was before. I made sure everything was updated perfectly. The tv can play YouTube songs through the app from the SmartTV home through its YouTube Music app, but I want my cast from YouTube Music to work again on my phone. I tried doing link to TV code, but that option is not available through YouTube Music app. I’ve tried everything and don’t get what can possibly be wrong anymore. It used to work amazing and now nothing. Both my phone and tv are connected to same Wifi network, so that’s also not the problem either. My phone and tv are also fully updated. I use an iPhone 13 and my tv is a Vizio with SmartCast. If anybody knows anything I haven’t tried, please tell me! I’m desperate, I love casting to my tv because I use a vintage stereo system with amazing sound that can only be more “modern” by using the tv’s capabilities. 


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Hey folks, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


Wow, your answers are right on the spot. This is really helpful, @michalborn!


@Zach0315, were you able to try the suggested steps posted above? Let us know if the info helped.




I’m currently trying all of the suggestions, hoping one of them works soon! Would there be casting issues if the TV was connected via Ethernet? It wasn’t working via Wireless, and tried using Ethernet to give a better connection. I’m currently trying to make sure my phone is fully updated. I’ll let you know if any work. I almost think something internally got damaged on my tv from moving, I am so desperate. 

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I am currently on step 6, but I don’t know exactly how to do that unfortunately. I am decent with technology with guidance though.