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deaf mom, hearing kid

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I'm a deaf mom, so I obviously can't speak/hear our Google Mini in the kitchen. My dilemma is I leave for work before my kid goes to high school. My desire is to set up an alarm or a daily reminder on our Google Mini to tell her to start heading out the door. I've searched high and low to be able to type in such command. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


I have no idea what you're talking about... Where do I input this information? What is Metadata? Where will I find this?

This Script only works in the beta version.
If you found it difficult to find out about the GoogleHome beta version.
Try the Family Bell feature!
You can find it in GoogleAssistant in the settings of the GoogleHome app
Good luck.

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Wow! I'll keep this simple. This works on my Google Nest Mini 2nd gen. It's just an alarm sound like setting a wake up alarm. It doesn't say "Hey baby. It's time to leave."

Your high school kid says to speaker, "Hey Google set me a weekday alarm."

Speaker responds, "Okay, on weekdays. What time?" Sometimes speaker says "All right" or "got it" or something similar instead of "okay".

Now student tells the speaker what time you want the alarm. Speaker replies with confirmation of weekday alarm and time.

When alarm goes off kiddo just says "Hey Google, be quiet."

Now you have an alarm for EVERY Monday through Friday. There will be an alarm on those Monday federal holidays. It doesn't know kiddo will be off a week at Thanksgiving.  On the Friday before the holiday kiddo says to the speaker, "Hey Google. Cancel the weekday alarm." Now you have to remember to reset the alarm Monday afternoon (federal holiday) or Friday afternoon when the whole week was off from school.


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Hopefully you saw my simple alarm reply. Now it's time for the "Hey baby. It's time to leave" version. This makes two assumptions. First you need the Google Home app functional on your phone / tablet. Second, that kitchen mini needs to be a device recognized in the Home app.

Launch Google Home.

Left side of screen tap Automations.

Scroll down and there should be one named Workday. Tap that.

Lest we forget, at top right move slider to Activate Routine.

Starters section should already be populated with Weekdays. Tap that.

Make sure your time zone is correct. Tap the time zone if you need to change. You'll get a pop up. Select the time zone and tap Done on bottom right.

There is an option to be notified when the routine starts. Move slider to right to enable. It should be a little icon in the phone notification area.

Tap Add starter at bottom right.

On mine Actions has a default 7:30 AM. If that works for you go on. If you need a different time, tap the 7:30 AM and enter what time you want. Tap the check mark top right.

Scroll down slightly and tap Announce.

Tap Announce to household. If you have more than one speaker there's a pop up to select as many speakers as you like. Tap save if making selection on pop up.

Next is Your message section. Tap circled X on the right to clear box.

Type what you want the speaker to say, Hey baby. It's time to leave or perhaps something more appropriate for your daughter.

Tap the check mark top right to save.

At bottom left is Device for audio. That should read Kitchen Speaker or whatever you named it. If Device audio does not show the correct speaker, tap it and make selection on pop up. Tap Save on pop up.

Tap Save at bottom right.

This is a short announcement that is not repeated whereas alarm is continuous noise for a minute. You can set multiple announcements such that one happens 7:02 AM, 7:03 AM, etc. Or get creative and set a 7:00 AM alarm per other reply followed by 7:02 AM announcement.

Remember this is EVERY Monday through Friday. For holidays just move that Activate Routine slider to the left.