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"Google" Nest... A Case Study

Community Member

The first product I purchased was a Nest Thermostat (prior to Google's acquisition and mauling), and I was ecstatic with the product, software, and packaging as it was professional end-to-end. I realized shortly after, that it had the "Apple Feel" because Nest Labs was founded by former Apple Engineers (of course). Subsequently, I purchased several wired Nest Cams and a Nest Hello and Life was grand until...

I purchased the Google Nest Mesh (3-pack) and Google Home app. While my criticism of the hardware (config) and software (features) is extensive, I'll simply ask "Did someone's nephew code the app for their high school project? "Bad" would be an understatement as Google likely invested more time selecting font types compared to their painful lack of effort on the Google Home app. While decent enough to avoid the dumpster, the router and both points were donated to Goodwill.

My second reality was when the audio failed completely on the Nest Hello, I purchased a replacement, and learned I would need to use Google Home to view that camera and the Nest app to view the other cameras. That said, I highly recommend your Google Nest product team overhaul Gmail such that customers will now require 4 separate apps to Draft, Send, Read, and Reply to emails as you've evidently mastered product integration and rollout with the Google Nest.

The last "blow" was when one of the security cameras failed after only 8 months and Google wouldn't honor the warranty and the Amazon reseller told me it was a Google issue. Rather than snivel about this further, I should have seen the writing on the wall after the Mesh purchase and bailed.

So... Where am I today you ask? Well after my experience above and reading (and laughing) about Google's partnership with ADT for a DIY Smart Security System centered around Google Nest products, I've decided to trash all 5 Google cameras and go with professional grade products from Ubiquity and I genuinely regret having not migrated sooner. I will however, keep my beloved Nest Thermostat until the day Google deploys firmware that renders the device unusable.

As for the Google Nest / ADT marriage, I would rather have my home ransacked and looted before relying on Google Nest for my family's security. We have Ring Home Security (monitored) and they do an outstanding job just like the Apple engineers did with Nest Labs.

P.s. For anyone foolish enough to do so, spare me the psychobabble about Google's "vision, ethos, customers, innovation, values, etc. Google Nest is absolute rubbish and you capably ruined a magnificent product. Stick with optimizing search queries and indexes but stay away from consumer hardware and software.