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routine failure: deleting a Delay/timer and asking phone to go out of DND, etc.

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Hey everyone!  I'm enjoying the Routines (Automations) development that has happened in the last few months.  It's nice to see the Google Home product expand finally.

I've got a Routine that I made but it has some bugs that I can't seem to squash.  I call it my "Nap" routine.  At the beginning of this routine, I have the following steps:

  • turns off my phone bluetooth
  • turns on phone DND
  • sets a 25 min timer on the phone
  • sets the phone volume
  • plays sleep (white noise) sounds on phone

The above steps all work every time. 

Finally, the routine starts a 27 minute delay, and that's where things begin to fail.  After the delay, I then ask it to:

  • stop the white noise
  • turn off DND
  • turn back on bluetooth
  • turn the volume back up
all 4 of those last items fail every time:

It's as if the routine doesn't know what device it's supposed to send the actions to and the system sends me that error message.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi ElectroLund,


Thanks for reaching out. Thank you for letting us know about your Denon receiver concern. I'm committed to providing you with excellent customer service and will do everything I can to help you resolve this. A few questions: did it work before, or is this the first time that you are trying this routine? Are you using Android or iOS? Is the Google Home app updated? Also, what steps have you taken so far?


Try to delete the routine and create a new one then observe if it makes a difference.




Community Member

Hey there, thanks for replying.  You misread though, there is no "Denon receiver" in my routine.  But no matter, here are some answers.

No, the bug has always been present.  I've done much troubleshooting.

However! I recently got some success by using Google Assistant calls after the delay to undo those settings, using exact device name.  For instance:

"Turn off Do Not Disturb on Pixel 6a"

This now works!  But you can't use a nickname for the device target like, "Rob's Pixel" or "this phone"

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey ElectroLund,


Thanks for the details you’ve shared. I’m glad that works now. With regards to using your device nickname, I'd suggest you submit feedback about it. See the article below on how to do it. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need us again soon. 


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