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script issue

Community Member

I am writing script to make google home mini ask a set of questions after saying "Hey google, am home". I could not see features in the script editor that enables response to a question before the smart speaker asks the next question and feature to save the responses for viewing later. i was only able to make the speaker ask the 3 questions one after the order without waiting for response to each questions. below is my script. any advise will be appreciated.


name: Acticheck
description: It will ask a patient in the bedroom a few questions about activities of the day.

- type: assistant.event.OkGoogle
eventData: query
is: 'Hi google, I am home'

- type: assistant.command.Broadcast
message: Welcome, are you available to answer questions at the moment?
devices: Bed1 speaker - Bed1

- type: assistant.command.Broadcast
message: Do you feel that everything you did was an effort, or you could not get going in the last week?
devices: Bed1 speaker - Bed1

- type: assistant.command.Broadcast
message: How often in the last week did you feel this way?
devices: Bed1 speaker - Bed1