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Internet keep disconnecting on Samsung TV via Google Nest Wifi

Community Member

Hi members,

I am using Google Nest Wifi router with 2 points. DHCP is configured on Google Nest Wifi router. All home devices are connected without issue expect my Samsung TV which keep disconnecting. I have tried wired and wireless methods on the TV but internet is not working.
If I connect the TV to other network which is not on Google Nest Wifi then internet works perfectly. I have also attached the screenshots for the network status on the TV.

Firmware is up to date on the Nest Wifi router and the access points. The devices details is as under

Nest Wifi router:
Firmware version is 315675
Cast firmware 1.56.315675
Model: H2E

Access Point:
Firmware version: 14150.376.32
Model: H2D

Samsung TV:
Series 5 smart TV
Model: UA50F5500

All the devices like ipads, iphones, laptos, computers, Samsung TV are connected to internet configured with Google Nest Wifi router. Devices are getting IP from DHCP setup on Google Nest router.

Samsung Smart TV is also getting the ip from the DHCP setup on Nest Wifi router. Internet sometimes work on the TV but internet stop working all of the sudden on the TV. Sometimes internet works by retrying two three times and sometimes it wont work at all and stay disconnected for long time.

I have also tried the factory reset of the wifi network setup on Google Home but it did not helped.

I have the following two questions:

Why is internet not working on the TV via Wifi  and wired methods ? TV is getting IP from the DHCP setup on the Google nest wifi router.

How can I disconnect any existing device from Google Nest Wifi ?

Kind Regards,