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Heat turning off

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Twice in the past 2 weeks we have woken up to the heat being off on the thermostat. I checked my voice logs to see if something was said instructing the heat to be turned off but I found nothing. I have the thermostat set on a schedule. Is there a nest log that would tell me how it turned off? My wife is quite upset as we had our daughter and grandbaby over this second time and I'd like to fix it so it doesn't happen again.

I found the emergency temp setting and the highest I can set it to is 7°C to turn on the thermostat. I think this is an issue for winter in Canada as things can start freezing if they're further from the heat. I don't see why this is not changeable to whatever temperature I feel it should be set to.

Any help would be great, thankyou.



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Community Specialist

Hi ComatosedVictim,


Thanks for posting and sorry for the delay.


Safety Temperatures can protect your home during extremely cold or hot weather. With Safety Temperatures, when your home reaches a set temperature limit, your thermostat will turn on heating or cooling even if the thermostat is set to Off. This can help ensure that your pipes won't freeze or your home won't overheat. Check this link to know more details about it.


Could you send a photo of the temperature options when you're setting it on your Home or Nest app?




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Hi ComatosedVictim,

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