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How To Change Sensor Schedule - Please Help!

Community Member

Please, please, please - I need a way to control which sensor the thermostat is using based on my schedule. The predefined ones absolutely do not help me because they don't align with my life.

I know this is not supported in the Android app. I know there are posts from years back, begging for this functionality in the app. I get it. You value my feedback and straight into the trash this goes.


Can anyone help me?

- Can I use voice commands with Google Assistant somehow and manually schedule the time to change the sensor?

- Is there some API intended for application developers that provides the ability to programmatically change the active sensor?

- Is there an Android emulator I can run on a virtual machine that I can use to run the Nest application, and then using automation tools on my PC to simulate someone manually pressing the buttons.

- Is there a tool I can use to automate the login to and have it send the appropriate POST or whatever to change it? At a glance, it doesn't appear to be very straight forward.

- Something? 

I've dropped almost $400 here for this amazingly smart, super advanced thermostat. The culmination of thousands of years of human advancement....and it can't handle the fact that I get out of bed at 9am and not 7am or that when my baby takes a nap at 1:30pm I want the temperature in the nursery to be comfortable for the baby?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I had a $20 Honeywell that worked just as well as this thing. I'm desperate. I'm begging - please. Someone. Let me bask in your brilliance and offer up a solution. Even a paid service.