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How do I Factory Reset my Nest Learning Thermostat?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: John Keczmerski 

I have a question about the Nest Learning Thermostat (Which I will be beta testing): I seem to have gotten halfway through pairing to Google Home for the first time and had some interruption (I think I accidentally restarted the device) that caused the pairing to fail. Now the device is in a state where I can not pair it. The menu on the thermostat is stuck in the setup steps. Is there any way to factory reset the device, or otherwise escape this menu? There is no option to factory reset the device on this menu, or within any of its flows. I have been able to restart the device, but I just end up back at the same menu.

(Note: I know there is a reset path that should be available through the device interface, but it can not be reached through the Setup Menu that the device is currently stuck in.)


Community Member

So one answer is that the state the thermostat was in was actually unpaired, so no factory reset was needed. Yet I was able to reset it. 

  • If you are stuck and can not use the UI flows to perform a factory reset them the following might work (Depending on the state of the Thermostat):

    1. Press your thermostat ring two times.

    2. Then press and hold your thermostat ring for 5 seconds.

There is some information available on the googlenest site: