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Nest Thermostat

Hey Community, I have 2 wire coming out of my wall .. one wire contains 2 wires within it (Red, White and Green) The second wire contains 2 wires within it (Red and White) How do I wire my nest to these wires? I have 2 zone gas baseboard heat and one...

Bbenzo320 by Community Member
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How Do I Disable the Nest Renew Nag Screen?

I don't want Nest Renew. Please stop asking. The nag screen only has two options "Sign Me Up" and "Ask Me Later". Where's the option for "Don't Ask Me Again".I know the option doesn't exist. I'm just venting. I'm tired of being asked the same questio...

mike73 by Community Member
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Nest Compatibility

My current thermostat has G,Y,W,R and RC and no C. I can add C without any problem. Question is, where do I put the RC from the old thermostat? Nest doesn't display RC as an option. Can I make this work by using the O/B?

MSU600 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat install furnace with no c wire

I installed my new Nest thermostat into the wall(looks really sharp) but when setting it up it said I need a c wire. I received the google adapter to plug into the furnace, and believe I have found the 2 wires that go to my thermostat (R & W) but I d...

IMG_6575.jpeg IMG_6576.jpeg
Itrivie by Community Member
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Factory reset prior to setup

Setup one nest to our Home without issues. Second Nest I’ve tried setting up over a dozen times and it won’t work. It keeps telling me that there’s something wrong and I need to do a factory reset. However I’m getting this message while attempting to...

KPatrick by Community Member
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2013 Rheem Therm to Nest

 I believe my newer Rheem thermostat should be compatible with Nest but when going through the set up questionnaire it says it’s not. Would it be possible to have someone check the photo of my wiring before I return the device?

TFrancis by Community Member
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No way to properly link thermostat with smart TRVs

Hey,I just had a quick look to the nest thermostat API and it seems like there is no way to properly connect smart trvs with the thermostat.I was hoping to create a "orchestrator" between the trvs and the thermostat such that if a room isn't hot enou...

hiemso by Community Member
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Can't connect Nest Thermostat to app to complete setup

Hello, I've had a Nest Gen 3 Learning thermostat at my house that works perfectly and I bought 2 new non-learning Nest Thermostats to replace 2 old thermostats that operate a second furnace with 2 zones in a seperate area of my house. The problem is ...

howellm70 by Community Member
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