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Nest cwire power

I have a nest thermostat and no c wire, but there are extra unused wires available. Can I simply get a plug-in transformer and attach it to the nest to give it the power it needs? Or is there more that I need to do to control the system? Thanks

Jdorow by Community Member
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Can't identify C terminal.

So i was trying to install the nest power connector to solve the low battery issue on thermastat. There were 3 C terminals on the hvac board and i couldn’t figure out which one to connect c wire to. I am not an expert so i did capture the label of th...

Luanvu by Community Member
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Anyway to use proper geofencing with Nest Thermostat?

Hi thereWhen I first had Nest (and quickly realised that I should have bought Hive instead), I found an app which provided proper geolocation, which was desupported (some poor guy having realised that half the Nest user community was using his pet pr...

SuzieQToo by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat Won't Follow Schedule

I have a schedule set to COOL at night for sleep, and HEAT in the morning an hour before alarms.So, when I go to bed, the thermostat is on COOL. Even though there is a schedule set for HEAT in the morning, the heat never comes on. I have to manually ...

lilsys3 by Community Member
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Resolved! Can’t access nest account as no access to phone number

hi. I have changed phone numbers and am unable to access the Nest app due to the 2 step verification. Does anyone know how to get around this? I’ve reset the thermostats to factory settings and removed the products from the app through my wife’s phon...

Siv by Community Member
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Nest 3 comes on when it wants to

I have set the scheduled timer to come on AM and PM only. Mysteriously, the heat continues to come on in the middle of the day and at 3AM. How to I get the system to work based on the schedule only?I am not interested in threshold settings or automat...

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