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Thermostat off = No Leaf?

A Nest Leaf is awarded when you set your thermostat to an energy-saving temperature, and yet when I set my thermostat to the most energy-saving setting (off), I get no leaves. This isn't an issue or causing any problems or whatnot, I just think it's ...


I just moved in and have a Nest Thermostat. How do I identify what "Generation" it is?

Tom6 by Community Member
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Maddening Nest setup

I created an email address with gmail to have a joint account both my gf and I can use in our new home The home came with a preinstalled Nest thermostat, from what i can understand it is a 3rd gen Nest (seriously, the only way to figure out which ver...

Thermostat cannot see any network

About 2 months ago our Nest thermostat stopped connecting to the network. Now it doesn’t see any wireless networks. On my iPad I see several wireless networks. I have reset the thermostat several times with no luck. Does anyone know if I can manually...

Drew3820 by Community Member
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Eco Mode- BEWARE

Dear Google Nest, I am writing this letter to make you aware of a potentially dangerous situation that could have occurred as a result of my Nest thermostat.On Monday, 6/21/22 I purchased a Nest thermostat at my local Best Buy. I was very excited to ...

Kayla_B48 by Community Member
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Removed Thermostat, added thermostat, temp

So, this is kind of a lengthy one, but I want to be as detailed as possible. I'll do my best to make it simple at the same time. I got an "HVAC" warning email today letting me know something may be up with my A/C. When I saw the email, my former addr...

Micahihgc by Community Member
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