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Nest Learning Thermostat Cannot Display Weather for my location - newly built house

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Hello Everyone,

I bought my Nest Learning Thermostat a few weeks ago and installed it without any issues and it has been working fine ever since.

However, I wanted to have it display the weather in my current location. So after putting in my address on the Nest App, I only get an exclamation mark inside a cloud. Now mind you, I live in a house that has been built earlier this year and I thought that maybe that is why it was not recognizing the address. Weird thing is, when I was putting in my address on the Nest App, my address did come up in the "auto-fill". And my house was correctly pin pointed on the "map"

I tried a different address, basically the address of a Wal-Mart store down the street, and it worked! I got the correct weather and temperature displayed. The only issue with that is, if I am not using my actual home address, the "home/away" assist is a bit glitchy.

I tried chatting multiple times with Nest Support but its the same old verify your address, which I have done many times already". Hoping someone was in the same shoes as me and what they did to fix this.




Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert


If you add your location using the thermostat, it only asks for your zip code.

Does your new house show up on Google Maps? I have seen new housing tracks take a while before they get added to the Google system.

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