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Nest Power Connector power requirement.

Community Member

Hello, in the power connector pro install instructions I see that it recommends a 24vac 20va transformer conned to the power connector.




However it does not specify what size transformer is needed to power multiple power connectors.




The current issue is 3 power connectors using a 24vac 40va transformer and one nest giving power issue warnings intermittently.


Do I need 20va for each power connector.....that would mean using a 24vac 60va(or more likely a more easily found 24vac 75va transformer) for 3 power connectors?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi NorCalNestPro,


Thanks for bringing this up, I'd be happy to take a look at it for you.


For power-related issues, it’s best to check a couple of things before we can give you suggestions. 

Could you please tell us what model of Nest Thermostat you have? Check out How to tell which Nest thermostat you have. Also gather the power reading of your Nest Thermostats typically, you’ll find it on the setting of your thermostat under "Technical Info", Document or take photos of each thermostat’s VOC, VIN, and battery levels.


I look forward to your response.