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Nest app says precooling when it is not

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When my system is cooling, the nest app (and home app) says precooling. The thermostat doesn't say precooling and on the nest hub says cooling. I know it is not actually precooling as it always says precooling in the apps, even when I adjust the thermostat manually. Any idea how to correct this?


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If your Nest app is showing that your thermostat is precooling when it's not, there could be a few potential causes for this issue. Here are some things to try:

  1. Check your thermostat settings: Make sure that your thermostat isn't set to precooling or scheduled to start precooling at a certain time. You can check the settings on your thermostat or in the Nest app.

  2. Check for any manual overrides: If someone manually adjusted the temperature on your thermostat, it may trigger precooling even if it's not scheduled. Make sure that the temperature setting on your thermostat matches what you want it to be.

  3. Check your home's HVAC system: If your HVAC system is malfunctioning or not working properly, it may be causing the precooling issue. Check your system's filters, vents, and other components to make sure everything is working correctly.

  4. Restart your thermostat: Sometimes restarting your Nest thermostat can resolve issues with precooling. You can do this by going to the thermostat's settings menu and selecting "Restart."

  5. Contact Nest support: If none of these solutions work, you may want to contact Nest support for further assistance. They can help troubleshoot the issue and provide additional solutions if needed.

Thanks. Restarting the thermostat seems to have fixed. The weird part was the thermostat and all of the hubs said cooling. Only the apps on my phone said precooling.

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Community Specialist

Hi Wurdmann,


I'm glad that you're able to work this out. As we got our resolution here, I'm going to mark this one as resolved and will be closing this thread after 24 hours. Please feel free to open a new thread if you have other questions or concerns.


Thanks for helping, davidoliver!