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Nest thermostat beyond possessed

Community Member

I have a nest learning thermostat series 3. I have had nothing but a terrible experience with this disaster of a product and from what I'm reading, not the only one. My nest thermostat changes the temperature all by itself like many of you people however mine goes a step further and actually turns itself on at random intervals and then pick some extreme temperature and then proceeds to drain my bank account. And I'm talking it goes into mode and selects heat all by itself. Nobody else has my password and I've changed it to two-factor authentication and 15 character random ASCII and it still turns itself on. I have erased all history and turned off learning and leaf functions and it's still changes temperature by itself. I know I'm not the only person that has these problems but I really wish Google would actually do something because I'm about to switch to Honeywell because I've spent more in the past 2 months randomly heating a seasonal second home then I would have just buying a new thermostat