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Nest thermostat showing indoor temp as 104 (actually 63). How do I fix this?!

Community Member

My Nest Thermostat (newest version) is only a month or so old and for some reason today decided to indicate my indoor temp is wildly different than the actual indoor temp (currently off by 40 degrees!).  I have restarted it, reinstalled it, disconnected it for a while, and nothing seems to work.  Anybody, anything?


Community Member

I have a similar issue with an older model, but, suddenly with an eight degree difference.  On my unit the thermostat feels warmer than the surrounding environment.  I suspect an electrical power issue within the unit, possibly a degraded battery.  I have replaced the unit with an older non-Nest thermostat and will explore the issue when I have time.  I will update my original earlier post if I uncover anything.