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Nest Themostat Gen 3 screen blank and flashing green light

I have two HVAC systems with two Nest thermostats which have worked great for a few years. One of them went off line and the screen is blank and has a blinking green light. I tried charging with the thermostat with a cable and performed a restart and...

Darent by Community Member
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Nest Learning Wiring Question

Hello All,My first post here.My old thermostat was wired as followsRh = Red wireRc = Blue wireY = Yellow wireW = White wireG = Green wireI wired the nest to match the old wiring.The system seems to be working fine. I've run the equipment test and the...

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baretak by Community Member
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Nest 3rd Thermostat E can only be charged with USB

My Nest thermostat can only be charged via USB after a thunderstorm with power outage. This is the second one died in this way. My heating system doesn't have a C wire. I know the wiring works because I have 4 Nest thermostats, one for each heating z...

PangPang by Community Member
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Thermostat lost connection to WiFi?

Thermostat lost connection to WiFi? Followed Google directions and removed from app, now can't add it back, can't find WiFi that it has been connected to for 6 months! Restarted modem, reset Thermostat, even reset fuse box connections. Everything els...

JustJane by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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E298 error all of a sudden

My thermostat is showing no power and won't connect to the internet all of a sudden. I've tried troubleshooting to no resolve. Please assist as I don't want to pay $200 for hvac tech.

Tasha3 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Don’t get the learning thermostat working properly

 Just bought this home and has an Honeywell home thermostat no Wi-Fi functionality. i tried all kinds of wire instructions from electriciansat work to whatever I could find online but the **bleep** thing just doesn’t cool. All if does is hearing it s...

IMG_5335.jpeg IMG_5292.jpeg
Chris29 by Community Member
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Easy to make appt, impossible to cancel

Has anyone else run into this? I was having an issue with my thermostat so called Google - they were unable to diagnose by phone so scheduled a diagnostic appt for tomorrow. I asked before booking if I'd be able to cancel should I get the thermostat ...

alh387 by Community Member
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Thermostat Compatibility

Is the Google Nest (model GA01334-US) compatible with the Trane XR724 thermostat? We have a heat pump on out outdoor unit as well. Does that make a difference?

hbarton by Community Member
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