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Community Specialist

Are you having trouble connecting your thermostat to Wi-Fi, or are you seeing a help code on your thermostat display that ends with We’ve seen a few community posts about the thermostat W5 code, so we’re here to provide some clarity and share the info you need to address it.




Here’s the TL;DR: Once you’ve confirmed this code continues to show on your thermostat’s display after restarting your thermostat (check out the steps below on how to do this), you’ll need to contact us to help you resolve this.

Read on to learn more about this help code and how to resolve it.

How can I confirm that I’m getting a W5 help code?
The only way to check for a W5 help code message is on the display of your thermostat. This code won’t appear in the app.

What can I do when I’m encountering this error?
This help code means your thermostat is unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Once you confirm this, you’ll need to try restarting your thermostat.

Don’t worry – your thermostat won’t lose any of your information or settings if you restart it. Once your thermostat boots up you can continue to use it as before.

If you continue to see the W5 help code after restarting, you’ll need to contact us.

Make sure you have the help code and your thermostat’s serial number ready to go before your call.  To find your thermostat’s serial number, pull the display off the base and flip it over. The serial number is above the QR code on the back of the display.

When you reach an agent, let them know you’ve performed all the necessary troubleshooting steps listed in the Help Center article.


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