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Troubleshoot a W5 Code on Nest Thermostat

Are you having trouble connecting your thermostat to Wi-Fi, or are you seeing a help code on your thermostat display that ends with We’ve seen a few community posts about the thermostat W...

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Nest Renew: How are you preparing for an electric future?

Hey Google Nest Community, It’s pretty safe to say that climate change will remain a key topic in 2023, so as we prepare for a new year, we want to make sure you’re prepared for an “electric future”: ...

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Prepping for a cleaner heating season

Hey Google Nest Community, ‘Tis the season for cold weather, fuzzy blankets and warm clothes. Which means one thing, using your heater more often. When heating your home, saving energy and money are i...

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Nest Renew: Our community user shares experience

Hey everyone, We recently announced Nest Renew is now available to qualified Nest Thermostat users. With so much excitement, a couple of our Beta users wanted to share their experience with Nest Renew...

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UK & European countries: Heat Link replacement

Hi Nest Community, We have become aware of an issue that is impacting some 3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat Heat Links in the UK and other European countries. The Heat Link device allows our thermosta...

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