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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey everyone,


We recently announced Nest Renew is now available to qualified Nest Thermostat users. With so much excitement, a couple of our Beta users wanted to share their experience with Nest Renew and what drew them to join the clean energy initiative. Read below to learn more about Community user Dan Ziegler’s experience:


I joined Nest Renew because I feel it’s important to be environmentally conscious. When I moved into our new home, I wanted to ensure our new home was going to make us feel comfortable, but also remain efficient.  


Nest Renew allowed me to quantify the environmental impact we are having, and how we’re saving and making smart decisions when it comes to cooling and heating our home. The monthly report emails show how we’re doing compared to other homeowners.


The program also allows me to see how clean the energy is that's being used by my home, which can be used to influence when I use more or less electricity.


By joining Nest Renew, Google matches the savings I contributed to, and I can choose to contribute those savings to an energy cause that matters to me, which could include energy affordability, green energy availability, or green energy careers. I've chosen to contribute to energy affordability because it's important to me that we're making energy accessible to everyone, despite the costs of everything going up due to inflation.


For a free program, Nest Renew provides a great value and "green" giveback for no cost. To me, there's no downside in joining, and there's a lot to be gained from the information and contributions you can make through this program! For even more impact, you can upgrade to the paid tier, where Google will offset your energy usage with renewable energy credits (REC's).- Dan. Z


To learn more about Nest Renew, check out this article. Stay tuned for a Q&A with another community best user all about the Nest Renew Premium subscription. 


Let us know your thoughts in the Nest Renew program in the comments. Are you excited to try this subscription? If so, let us know why and what you look forward to.


The Google Nest Team