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New Install Blows Hot Air on Cool setting

Community Member

After reading all the similar posts I know this is not odd. After seeing ZERO of the posts had responses, I am thinking this is hopeless. But I am going to ask any way. 

My wires are set up correctly. The A/C test blows hot air. If I say it didn't work, a web site is displayed but the web site is not helpful.

I re-installed my thermostat and the A/C works fine.

Somebody please help me!


Community Member

Day 2. Hot as hades in Flordia. No help yet.

Here's the deal. My "furnace" is a heat pump. So I had the wiring wrong. But I did attempt the wiring as on my thermostat for a heat pump. What I needed to do was put the wire clearly marked as AUX E goes in W1 and not in W2 AUX.