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Heat link randomly over rides the thermostat.

I have a recently installed thermostat and heat link controlling a new Worcester high flow boiler. After a few weeks operation using the nest app to schedule the heating times, it randomly would come on in the dead of night and had gone into manual m...

Timeline for fixing predefined temperature sensor time blocks?

Can google provide a timeline for fixing the issue of having fixed time blocks for the nest thermostat temperature sensors, and making it possible to set custom time blocks for when to use particular temperature sensors, rather than the preset/fixed ...

gdav by Community Member
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Smart trv or extra thermostat

Hello I get my new boiler tomorrow and fitter has recomented me with nest with cradle. I have asked in regards to smart trv or extra the thermostats . He was unsure if it was possible with nest as its the 1st time any one has requested individual roo...

Darren2 by Community Member
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1 house not 3

Why do I have my 1 house with 1 thermostat listed 3 times. Not one of the listings is ever correct: home or away

Schuss by Community Member
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Nest no longer connects to Wifi

Since 4 days ago my nest can no longer connect to the Wifi. Have tried resetting the router and Nest and manually inputting the Wifi details can not the nest defective?

Jmac_83 by Community Member
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Smart savers California

I recently saw the smart savers california $100 gift card deal for signing up with nest. Does this $100 apply to pg&e or only to those who have the san diego g&e? On the SS California website, it says the latter get $100 and pge customers get $50, bu...

nish by Community Member
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