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Phone available either in Google Home, or Nest app - not both?

Community Member

I put in a Nest Learning Thermostat around a month ago. I already had Google Home setup for our wifi, speakers etc and added Nest to this when we got the thermostat.

Since then I replaced my phone - I had a Pixel 4a and now have a 6a. Subsequently I see to have a problem with using my phone for telling if we're home.

If I have it enabled in the Nest app in "Home/Away Assist"/"What decides if you're home", then in the Home app it says, "You're using this feature on a different phone. You can switch to this Pixel 6a". If I do that then in Nest the "Yes" next to my phone in "Home/Away Assist" changes to "No". If I then change the Nest setting back to "Yes" the situation in Home reverts!

My wife's phone seems to be fine in both apps. Anyone know what I might do for my own?