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Someone was expected home

Community Member

I have two nest thermostats in a guest house.  They were installed this summer and work great except that they keep running the heating and cooling when the house is empty even for several days in a row.   The usage history shows an event that says someone was expected home.  

Any idea how to tell the thermostats no one is expected home?  See pic attached.



Community Member

I have the same issue!  No animals in the home. Nothing moving in the home. All phones are set to background refresh, location service is on!  I even manually set it to Away and it will switch back to home. Someone please help. 

Community Member

I'm also having three same issue. Our thermostat ran for 16hrs the other day w no one home. Bah!!!

Community Member

I have the same problem and it is really annoying! I turned off touch control / motion sensor in the presence sensing settings in Google home (location sensing for 2 phones is on). That seemed to fix it for a while (e.g. thermostat remained in Eco mode for a full 2 week vacation) but now the issue is back again...