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Thermostats stuck in eco mode.

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For last few months I am expecting an issue with my 3 Nest "smart" thermostats.

They are switching to ECO when I am not at home but when I return they also stay in ECO mode... If I want the heating to start I either need to wait (sometimes they would swich off from ECO mode) or I need to swich eco mode off manually both of these are not what I hoped for - this should be automated...


The app nest (and google home) see me as 'Home' when coming back home but for some reason this does not affect the Eco mode...

I tried to troubleshoot this with Google support but they were useless - asking me the same questions on a loop...

Now (for over a month now) it is 'escalated to technician' but I still have no fix for this.

They claim that there are no logs they can check to identify the issue which sounds ridiculous...

Did anyone experienced a similar issue and have a solution?

Are there maybe any 3rd party apps that works better with these thermostats?



There another extensive post here. It's knackered.... We're not sure why....

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Google have shut that thread down for ‘lack of updating’…… they must be joking! They have provided no answer to a now ‘stupid’ intelligent thermostat which takes hours (if ever) to recognise if you are at home. This has been going on since November 2021 with no help from Google. You will need to use Samsung SmartThings to get back to a useable system. Good luck!

I've also responded and crazily i feel like however tiny our problem is in comparison to what's going on in the Ukraine, it's another David and Goliath scenario which is really pushing me off. No correction intended.xx

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