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14150.376.32 firmware - connection drop outs

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It's frustrating whenever google releases updates to its mesh devices, it brings a lot of issues and it won't be fixed immediately. 14150.376.32 update was installed silently onto all my devices(nest wifi and google wifi routers). I observed connection drops very frequently, so decided to power cycle all the routers, it didnt resolve the issues. I have now done the factory reset of all devices and reinstalled the whole mesh unfortunately it has not resolved the issues. Connection dropouts, routers going offline on the android app, but white steady connection light on the routers. awful devices. I have invested quite a lot of money n time, but still no steady mesh set-up. F**** you google

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Hey folks,

Thanks for posting — let's see what's going on. 

Are you using a modem/router combo from your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? How many devices are dropping from the network? Also, do you have any paused devices? 

Give these steps a try:

  1. If you're using a modem/router combo, set that to bridge mode to avoid double NAT issues.
  2. Make sure that there is minimal to no interference (concrete, bulletproof glass, metal, mirror, etc.) and the points are no more than two rooms apart.
  3. Remove any special characters in your network name and password.
  4. Turn off IPv6.
  5. Set a custom DNS at on the primary and on the secondary server. Hit the save/ floppy disk icon on the upper right.
  6. Unplug the power from your Google Wifi devices for 2 minutes.
  7. If the issue persists, try factory resetting your network.

Let us know how it goes.



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We have had this problem (as commented above) with random dropouts and sometimes no wifi at all.

I fixed it by switching the power cable between my nest hub and my nest wifi router. For whatever reason we've had stable wifi and internet for over two weeks now!

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I’m experiencing frequent disconnections and an unstable Wi-Fi internet connection. I am running a Google mesh system with a Wi-Fi Router with two points and a second router that acts as a third point. My ISP is Xfinity and the problem is the Google equipment because my neighbors do not experience these same service issues. It disconnects every 5-10 minutes and I’ve done multiple power cycling to try to fix the issue. I just did a complete factory reset of all the equipment and switched the routers and I’m still having the same issues. This is so frustrating as I work from home and need reliability. 

I just wanted to follow-up do my original post. After 24 hours of non-stop disconnections the system has been performing reliably. After determining it wasn’t an ISP issue, I did another factory reset on the Motorola modem. I tried contacting Motorola because it was under warranty and I was hoping they could help me troubleshoot or do a diagnostic check but after sitting on the for an hour I opted for them to call me back and they never did. The next day my system was working and has been reliable ever since. I’m really hoping it doesn’t occur again because I can’t be shutdown like that again. 

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I am also experiencing this issue over the last few weeks.  I have the original Google Wifi, 4 total nodes, firmware 14150.376.32, on Xfinity.  Basically, my wifi will drop out for just a brief moment randomly throughout the day.  I noticed it when viewing my security cameras on tablets when the screen would freeze on all tablets simultaneously.  So, it is not an INTERNET issue, it is a Google Wifi issue on my LAN.  Ethernet-connected devices do not appear to be impacted, but hard to tell if it is just a brief drop out.  I'm not sure how changing DNS settings would fix anything.  I restarted my entire Google Wifi network last night via the app and I believe I've already had one drop out.  I hesitate to do a factory reset since I would then have to set ALL my IP address reservations and other settings.  Plus, I see that hasn't resolved everyone's issues anyway.  I'm wondering why Google hasn't just either reverted back to previous firmware or come up with a fix.  I really don't want to have to purchase a competitor's product, but may be forced to since my wife and I both work from home and need reliability.

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Don't bother factory resetting. I've been there, done that. Had to set it all up again, and after a week it was back to drop outs and weak signal on the mesh points. Still no one from Google come back to me. If they could at least give some kind of timeframe for a new firmware update, that would give me hope. Looking at the Orbi Mesh systems now, if I don't hear something soon I will have to jump ship. Been MONTHS of this with no signs of a fix.

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Has this issue been fixed? I didn't know there was a problem with the firmware - I thought it was my Comcast router this entire time. After I stumbled on this, everything made sense! We've been getting drop outs like no one's business for well over a month now.

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No fix that I know of.  It ain't an ISP issue as it drops my internal network, like security cameras. Perhaps it impacts those with more than 3 pucks?  I have 4.  I have received no word from Google either, despite filling out the issue form.  Sad. I too am looking at other options. 

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Hi Everyone - good conversation on this thread.  Would be nice if there was more input from our colleagues at Google.  So I had this problem a while back and ended up switching back to one of my old wi-fi routers, just to stabilize the network.  Of course, I really wanted my Google functionality back.  On a lark, I went to my ISP and asked them to swap out my cable modem for a new one (the old one was several years old).  With the new cable modem, I reinstalled the Google network, after doing a factory reset.  System has now been stable for about a month since I did the swap-out.  I would speculate that the issue here is that Google's firmware update included an updated implementation of some spec - perhaps IPv6, or DNS security - that is causing it to have failures when dealing with older cable modems/routers that don't implement that spec in the same way.  Knowing Google, my guess is that they are enforcing some "strict" or "secure" version of the spec, that isn't supported by these older cable modems/routers in the same way, and causes things to go haywire.  So, based on my case, I would recommend seeing if you can get an updated modem/router from your ISP, then do a factory reset of your Google network, to get everything back to baseline.  Good luck!

That is great. However, I am on Verizon but do not use their modem at all. I have FIOS 1g/1g and ethernet straight from the ONT to the google router. I found using a digital plug adapter to power cycle once a day at 0300am helps. I still get drops once in a while though. I'm a network engineer and program and this is DEFINITELY a firmware issue. 

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It's been almost a month and a half since I filled out the form and was told someone would contact me and I'm yet to hear anything from anyone.

This issue has seriously crippled a lot of things in my house:

My ecobee thermostat is constantly disconnected. If I disable wifi and re-enable it the connection is restored but dies within 24 hours. So I can't control my thermostat remotely and it can't access weather information.

My Nest pods and Google Homes no longer appear as audio devices in my Google Home app so I can't play music throughout my house or broadcast to audio devices.

My smart TVs can't be found on the network so I can't Chromecast to them from my phone.

My phone says it's connected to the wifi but has no internet every time I move throughout my house so I constantly have to turn the wifi off and back on or risk using my cellular data.

Honestly, this can't be the ONLY way to reach Google customer support. This is inexistent support. How can a company this day and age sell a product and provide absolutely no support for it?

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I have been having this exact same issue.  I just got off a chat with customer service where the rep was extremely unhelpful. In the end, I was told to unplug my router and wait 2 minutes and then plug it back in.  It is extremely frustrating that this problem has been around since September of 2022 and the google support person didnt seem to have any idea what my issue was about.  And no solution for it

google does not empower their tech support reps to be able to do anything except tell people to reboot their stuff, factory reset, reboot ISP stuff, point fingers at ISP, and create a ticket that they can "escalate" which will not be responded to. no one will call. 

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Same here! I can't believe they would leave all their customers hanging like this. Almost like it is intentional. 

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It's been like this for a while ...

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I have also been experiencing the exact same issues everyone has describe. i had my ISP (Cox) come and troubleshoot, and they demonstrated that with google wifi unplugged, using their modem with built in Wifi6E, and was able to immediately get the 500mbps service we are paying for on our wifi devices without any issues or drop outs. 


disabled cox modem wifi again, disabled the cox internet ssid through privacy settings in their web portal, still found hidden SSID's being broadcast, so I returned their equipment and got a motorola cable modem (docsis 3.1). On the 1g google wifi mesh system, my ethernet devices could all achieve at our near 500mbps and don't have drop outs. all of my wifi devices continued to be limited to about 50mbps with frequent dropouts occurring since November when the firmware update occurred..

i have changed the DNS settings to and and I have disabled IPv6, and I have disabled guest network, i have restarted the network, I have factory reset all the pucks (3 google wifi + 1 nest wifi). No double NAT occurring.

I have submitted the form. I am pissed this has been going on for this long and *STILL* no resolution or firmware rollback from Google. I have an entire ecosystem of google and nest products including doorbell, nest protect smoke alarms, nest thermostats, drop cam, nest wired interior and exterior cams, nest IQ exterior cam, chromecast devices, pixel devices. NONE of them, nor my apple devices (iphones, ipads, macbook pros), nor any other wifi device on my network can transmit or receive faster than 50mbps. 1/10 of the speeds I'm paying for with my ISP Cox.

Enough of this BS. Fix your stuff Google. This is *NOT* a good look. 

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Well its obvious Google don't care, or are even willing to admit there is an issue on their side. Probably because this isn't effecting 'everyone' so the % of complaints is probably very low in the greater scheme of things. Time to forget it guys. I'm going to have a look around today in my lunch break for a new mesh system (likely a Orbi one) and use that. Once I hear of a google update that fixes these issues I will then sell it on marketplace or something and get some $ back. The trust is now well and truly broken, and now know that support is a total joke. Worse... I can't trust their products any further.

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I am experiencing the exact same issue. I have tried all the steps mentioned in the forum. Factory reset the points and network multiple times, changed DNS, turned off IP v6 etc. Still the same issue. I work from home, and this is impacting my work. So frustrating

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This has been going on for more than 1.5 years now, without any fix or solution in place.


As usual, only smoke and mirrors from our brand damage control team @Jhonleanmel and good old @Jeff .

Thanks guys, for nothing.  Not sure you're doing a good job for the brand though.


Your paying customers

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I have the same version and my issue is internet slows down as times goes by due to the package drop. I have to reboot wifi every a few hours to walk around the issue. This started to happen around Oct 2022 when the new release come.


By looking at the release history:

it looks we might have a new release in couple of months. Please let customer service and engineer know the issue so it can gain attentions, hopefully they would fix the issue.

The link in your post is broken. 

Sorry, this is the correct one

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This is a total work around and doesn't address the fact that Google needs to get their **bleep** together, but...  I have all of the nodes plugged into smart plugs and when I notice that one of them has gone offline I just 'reboot' it by cycling the smart plug.  🙂

It's a stupid fix, but it's working for now...

What did you buy? If you don't mind sharing? 

I bought a pack of smart plugs from Costco - I think they're made by Feit.  They work fine, and as long as there's wifi in the house I can 'reboot' the Nest nodes by just remote cycling the plug.  LOL

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Just forget it guys. I've ordered a new mesh system which is way faster with more features than Googles solution. Throw it in the bin and move on. Finally had enough.

What's the new mesh system you purchased?

I bought a Tp-Link Deco x95. Can't comment too much as only been running for 2 days now... But the speed of the WiFi is far superior already. You can add any other Deco units regardless of model to the mesh as well, should you need extra range down the road. Never again Google.

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I'm with jonbrevad.  Packaging this up and sending back to Google...C.O.D.

I need a stable system - and this is anything but stable.  This is what happens when you venture into products you have no experience in.  Google should stick to being a good internet search engine.

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I am having the same issue with 2 Google Wifi points (GJ2CQ) both on 14150.372.32. Dropping MacBook, iPhones, Vizio TV regularly. Sometimes minutes apart.

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Hi today feb-10-2023 after reading a lot of performance issues with Google wifi and the ridiculous answers of nest/google support I am giving up with my Google wifi. Like many stated my 3 mesh APs where working acceptable fine and suddenly (my gest is that was due to a firmware update) my devices download connectivity dropped from usually 100 Mbps to 5 or 6 Mbps but upload remained like original.

I am related to technology without giving too much detail I am highly specialized on telecommunications and radio communication so all of the silly answers from support are ridiculous. So google/nest should release an urgent update as all of us expended a lot of money a and trust on this solution.

From tech icL point of view for you google support here is my troubleshooting:

1. My cable modem cone cto ity never changed is a 1000Mbos/30mbps.

2. De location of APs never changed they are in the same place.

3. Radio frequency environment never changed. I took my spectrum analyzer (yes I have an agile t one, Usd 15k instrument) and the sorrow ding RF spectrum is the same.

4. The type, model and amount 9f devices using the wifi mesh is the same.

5. After sniffing the wifi network with Wireshark in promiscuous mode I identify random caps (Lossing of connectivity) so there are several reiterative tcp handshakes.

6. I rested to factory default and nothing changes 

7. Mesh tests results are fine, coverage fine, interbat speed at the gateway blazing fast for the 802.11abgn close to 860 Mbps. But device connectivity reported by the same APs are very poor.

9. All my APs are con texted to UPS supported eléctrica circuit so I not considering electrical/electronic damage.

10. I have al whole smart home devices deployed and for the troubleshooting I disconnected many of them.

11. Not viruses in my internal network nor high bandwidth consuming apps (all video streaming services deactivated for the troubleshooting.

Conclussion. After all these and .any other test everything indicates a failed firmware update. Probably a defective update related to mesh synchronization and or device connectivity process.

Not likely electronic issues.


I am in Argentina but impossible to get a refound from googlo or proceed with any other kind of claim.

The most frustrating thing is to be betrayed in my trust on this brand. Next move will be replace all this 3 based mesh network for a Fortinet controlled base full mesh not recommended for casual no. Technic users due to level of expertise , support and costs.

I should be investing that much in a home setup.

Google start doing the right thing as your customer experience here is broken.

Do not bother to answer.









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This issue has been making me nuts for 6+ months, so I replaced the four Google Nest mesh units I had with the TP-Link X-95 setup (the 2 pack).  I'm in a 2,500 sq. ft ranch style home.  I have one unit near the front of the house, the other is in the back of the house.  I have yet to have a single device drop off, no units going offline, no issues. 

The Deco was easy to set up, the units synced up easily, and my network speeds are 50% faster than before.  I was seeing 500Mbps on desktop wifi, and it's now at 800+.  I'm also really liking the app and the control I have over the devices on the network.  I also appreciate the notifications that I get when a new device joins the network.

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Over a couple weeks now with Deco x95. Super fast, brilliant.  Bin the Google rubbish.

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For many days now I have need working with Google's Neil, a higher-level tech. He has been very responsive but everything we have tried has not improved things. The internet and wireless from the G router either completely stops or slows to unusable speeds at least a couple of times a day. Neil has set he is escalating up to a higher service level and I may need to make a warranty claim. However, these are 4 years old so I doubt they will honor a warranty claim. If they can resolve this in a couple of days I have purchased two of these to replace the google crap...

TP-Link AX6600 Deco Tri-Band WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X90) - Covers up to 6000 Sq.Ft, Replaces Routers and Extenders, AI-Driven and Smart Antennas, 2-Pack (Renewed)

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The replacement for the main router from Neil has been in for a week. So far it hasn't locked up completely like it was doing. However, there are still very short dropouts 5-10 seconds a couple of times per day. I'm going to hold on to the TP-Link AX6600s for a couple of weeks just in case! 

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Cool name. That's not to discount your issues. I couldn't help but Wonder what f with spaces afterwards meant. Is it a five letter word like front or flock or funky? Is it a form of **bleep** that I don't know yet which would be exciting. Is it an additional word on to for unlawful carnal knowledge? I've got a question sulaimana, how about how come Google can gobble up all of our personal information totally follow what it is that we're doing yet expect us to try to problem solve their glitchy software and chat forums in chat forms? This is why I'm afraid of AI. I understand I'm no help at all I'm just sharing good morning or it is here anyway.

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Agree, rock solid until this version hit and sporadic reboots needed with some wifi devices falling off at random times. Nothing else changed so anyone posting steps to review.... nothing else changed!

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Like many other in this thread, I got rid of my Google Wifi and I replaced it with a small Ubiquiti access point instead and my wifi have been working flawlessly since then.
My best guess is that the google wifi is broken in that sense that it doesn't move between the channels when needed. Therefor you get a **bleep** load of interference instead. My wifi always dropped in the afternoons and during the weekends, when people in the building came back home/were at home.
I guess when people are rebooting the google nest, the wifi will pick another channel which might be free from interference at that particular time, but a reboot is always required for the nest wifi to do what it is supposed to do on the fly.

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So I think I found out what my problem was and it's somewhat embarrassing because it's mostly "user error." I was fed up with the Google Nest Wifi today and factory reset it again. To my surprise, my network was still in the list of available networks and I had internet too when connected to it. I thought the main Wifi router just wasn't factory resetting. I also kept trying to configure the router and it kept failing. So it turns out my ISP router must have rebooted and somehow reset itself with the Wifi enabled. Before I got the Nest WiFi I used the ISP's router with the exact same network name and password and when I got the Nest WiFi, I just it up with the same name and password and disabled the WiFi on my ISP's router. So, at least for me, for the past two months or so, I've had two networks running in parallel with the exact same name and password. Obviously, it only showed up once in the list of available networks so I wasn't aware that there were two, and most things did have internet because it worked no matter which one of the routers they were connecting to. However, since they were not on the same network I couldn't cast, or play music on all my speakers, etc.

So, it might be just me but it's worth checking if your ISP's router somehow turned the Wifi on by itslef and you have two identical networks running like I did.

I also hope that that was the only issue and now that it's resolved I don't have any more dropouts.

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I've been running 3 gen 1 nls-1304-25 Google mesh wifi devices for years and they just recently started having wireless issues with no changes done to them. Wired speed tests directly to the Google router are fine. Wireless speed tests the download and upload jitter and high. There's no devices maxing out bandwidth. I also noticed I'm not getting as fast of a download speed as I should on wifi. Seems like the new firmware broke something for sure. I also noticed it kicked me off the wifi as I was moving from the living room AP to the upstairs AP. Could also be bufferbloat related. If this continues I'm probably going to start looking at other brands to replace my wifi with. 


Software version: 14150.376.32

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My question is simple, when can we expect the next firmware update for Nest Wifi routers from Google ? An update I hope has received rigorous pre production testing.