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Can nest wifi automatically assign new devices to a Family Wifi group?

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I have the family wifi feature setup on my nest wifi, model H2D. This allows for safe search and internet time limits.  The trouble is that new phones use randomized mac by default.  Every time a phone changes its mac address, it can connect to the network as a new device and is not bound by any of the family wifi restrictions. This makes family wifi much less useful. 

I setup a group called 'default' and every few days I will move all the new devices into that group, but this really isn't all that effective either, unless I am hyper vigilant about it.

Is there a way to setup my nest so that any new mac address automatically goes into a specific group?


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

I'm pretty sure such a feature doesn't exist. You can give this feedback/feature request through the Google Home app. Don't hold your breath though, I can't think of any user requested feature that has been implemented.

An alternative is to turn off MAC randomization on the devices, but maybe the users of those devices knows how to turn it on again?

Another alternative is to control the devices themselves, with alternatives like:

• Apple screen time:
• Google Family Link:
• Microsoft Family Safety:

I don't work for Google.

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Thanks for lending a hand, @olavrb.
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I'm chiming in to ensure you've got the answer you're looking for. Feel free to let us know if you have more questions about this.




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