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Connection lost

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For the past few weeks my Nest router has been losing connection and I have to force a restart to get it back up and running. It is running Software version: 13729.57.27


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Platinum Product Expert

Problems like these are hard to troubleshoot. Could be the Nest Wifi. Could be the modem or devices in your network going rogue/ doing stuff they shouldn't.

One standard advise is to try to factory reset the network (all Nest Wifi pucks) and set it up again, using the same network name (SSID) and password, so wireless devices reconnects by themselves. Have you tried that? 🙂 Guides on this is easily found by a Google search.

I don't work for Google.

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I've been having the exact same issues with mine. Running the same software. Factory resetting it did not help. 

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@olavrb, thanks for the help!


@Blueboyrocks, thanks for the update. Could you tell us more about what's happening? Do all of your devices lose connection? Also, aside from the factory reset, what are the troubleshooting steps that you've done so far?


@Jaireku and ughman, were you able to try the steps that olavrb provided? Please let us know the results.






@EdwardT Thanks for asking. 

Beginning in late November 2021, approximately one to two times per day, the wifi signal disappears entirely. I see a flashing yellow light on the Nest Router and all my access points lights turn red. About half the time, this will resolve itself within about 20 minutes. Most of the rest of the time i can resolve it by power cycling the Nest Router. However, every once in a while, i will attempt to power cycle the Nest Router 5-6 times and the wifi signal will not return (sometimes it broadcasts the SSID but nothing connects, other times the SSID does not show at all). On the occasions that multiple power cycles of the Nest Router have failed, I have power cycled the ONT in my home. This generally resolves that issue.

As a result of there being a bit of help from the power cycling of the ONT, i have contacted Verizon and they will be sending a technician out to see if the issue is potentially with the ONT. I am convinced that the issue isn't with the ONT because, if it were, I would still be connected to my home network and the SSID would still be broadcast/connectable, I would just get a "no internet" error. That said, my the Verizon support technician I spoke with noted that my ONT is quite old and issues like these aren't unheard of if the router is automatically/repeatedly restarting itself due to lack of internet connection. That doesn't seem like something the Nest Router would do, but I don't know enough about its behavior to dispute it. 

In terms of troubleshooting steps, I have done the above, as well as a factory reset on both my previous Google Wifi router as well as my newly-upgraded Nest Router. Neither such action has improved the frequency of the daily signal dropoff issue. I have performed speed tests from the Nest Router as well, with nearly gigabit speeds in both directions, so I am confident that it's not an issue with the ethernet cable between the router and the ONT. I have an open ticket with Google about this issue as well, and hope to update them after the technician visits today. 

Importantly, when the Nest Router is connected and functioning, i have excellent wifi throughout my home (>150mb speed tested on my Pixel 6 Pro), despite having the router and five Google Wifi access points, which I have read can be too many for a home of my size (~5200sf). 

I'm quite open to any suggestions or thoughts.