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Forced to reboot wifi daily or my speeds suck

Community Member

I am having the same issue as well.  My speeds seem to be fine and then it drops to 25Mbps.  I have to reboot the routers or else I get bad speeds.  I work from home and am on calls all the time and they constantly drop out or I can't use video because it sucks.  

1) I have the newer Nest Wifi Pros.  3 pack.  

2) Software 1.63.355999

3) No priority is turned on

4) I have 1Gbit internet and from the router hooked to the modem I get at least 850Mbps constantly.  The satellites show Great connection in the mesh settings.  

5) I had the Orbi before and I ran in to this once every 4-5 months where I had to reset the satellites.  But almost daily is stupid.  

I would return this thing but I have had it since Feb 2023 and I cannot get it to work properly.  I am about ready to throw it in the garbage and spend my money on Orbi again.  

I work for the ISP I use, and I know all about the inner workings of our modems and backend infra.  I do the DNS caching and modem provisioning so I know it is not that.  

Maybe I am doing something wrong?  I doubt it since the Google interface for the router is pretty simple.  I also had to disable IPv6 as that seemed to have killed it as well.  I normally get a /64 from the modem as a prefix delegation so the router should be the gateway and hand out IPv6 internally on the network but maybe it doesn't support that?  Again the interface is designed for people who do not know networking at all and it's frustrating for people who do and want to see more information and settings.


Community Member

I had this issue as well.  Moving my point closer to the router cut it down from daily to almost a week.  What I noticed is devices would drop to 2.4ghz and speeds would plummet (as you experienced).  

I had to move on to another product because I work from home but I’ll be keeping an eye on software updates.  Hopefully they fix it.

Community Member

I have the exact same problem for over a year now. Every couple of days, the speeds drop to 1Mbps U/D and the network become unresponsive practically requiring a reboot.

This system has become a joke sadly. I have turned off preferred services.