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Gaming on PS5 with Nest Pro

Community Member

Got google fiber and used their Nest Wifi pro. Speeds aren't as high as they should be but it's good enough above 200 mbps down 500 mbps up (sometimes goes higher). However when gaming on the PS5 my connection is horrible and I can't play. 

My ping and jitter and all low ( 8 and 1 respectively generally). Originally I thought it was signal as it did say "Weak" even though it wasn't that far from the base (about 20/30 ft) so I set up a second one right next to it to mesh and get perfect signal however the issue persist. I tried contacting support but they just kept defaulting to ethernet cord. I get that that's part of their troubleshooting but yeah there's no signal issues and wifi is the preferred method. It has to be something somewhere on googles services as I have used spectrum at 100 mbps with their crappy modem router combo with it much farther away and on wifi and was able to lose my Apex legends games with out stuttering every step and freezing. Really want to keep the service but if I can't enjoy what I got it for that's highly unfortunate.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello dplgon21,

Thanks for posting. I'm sorry for this experience.

Please make sure that you are using a Wi-Fi password that doesn't contain spaces or special characters. You may also try to move your Wifi points no more than two rooms apart and ensure that there is minimal to no interference (concrete, bulletproof glass, metal, mirror, etc.). Check out this article: Troubleshoot slow internet on Google Nest Wifi or Google Wifi.

Keep me posted.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi dplgon21,

I'm checking in to see if you've tried the steps above. I'd be glad to hear from you, so please tell me if you are still having issues.