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Google Internet/Wifi not working with Netgear switch

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I'm trying to connect a Netgear switch to my Google Wifi setup.  When I connected the Switch directly to the Google Jack, and then connected the Google Wifi router into one of the LAN ports of the switch, all the hard-wired devices connected to the switch worked but the wifi did not. 


When I then reversed the connection by connecting the Wifi router to the Jack, and then connecting the LAN port of the router to the switch, then the wifi works but NONE of the hard-wired devices to the switch work.


I even tried disconnecting EVERYTHING, including turning off the Jack, and slowly turning everything on one at a time.  To no avail. 


What am I missing?  When I connected to the Google team via chat in the Google Fiber app, I was told that I need to do port forwarding for the switch, and they sent me a link to an article.  However, I'm not an internet expert and I have no idea how to set that up with the various devices, assigning internal and external ports, deciding between TCP vs. UDP, etc.  Nor do I care to be an expert!  When I asked the rep for more assistance, they directed me to contact "Google Wifi Support" (which is what I thought I was connected to in the first place), and gave me a number that's no longer active.


I had a switch setup with my former [AT&T] service, and I gotta think this should not be too complicated with Google.  Can someone direct me to what needs to be done?


Thank you.


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi @gbraunst 

Are you using a unmanaged switch?
If not please try using a unmanaged switch. 😊

Hi yes it is an unmanaged switch.  Model is Netgear GS108.  It is several years old though if that would make a difference?

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hey @gbraunst .

I have two switches that are connected and don't have any issues. I suspect there are few things in play here:

  1. The modem is a modem/router combo. The Wifi and routing on the modem need to be turned off so that the modem is acting as a modem only. If the modem supports it, it needs to manually be set to bridge mode (most do it automatically when connected to an external router).
  2. The switch is being placed in an incorrect place in the network. This article shows the supported setups: Hardwire Wifi devices with Ethernet 
  3. Once #1 and #2 are verified as correct, reset the Nest Wifi device and set it up as new: Factory reset your Wifi device 

Make sure that the switch is NOT powered up until after the Nest Wifi is set up and you are connected to it via Ethernet. If the Netgear switch has an input port, use it. If not, connect to Port #1 then power up the switch.

Thank you Patrick.  Turns out it was an idiotic user error.  I'm embarrassed to admit I somehow looped both ends of one ethernet into 2 ports on the switch when I intended to plug a different cable in.  So I'm sure that was causing a conflict.  Pulling that cable out resolved it all.

Glad you could get it worked out. We've all been there before! 😁

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey gbraunst,


It looks like you were able to get this all sorted out. That's great news. Before I mark this as resolved, is there anything else you might need? If so, just let me know.



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Hi Jeff - yes you can make this as resolved. Thank you. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello gbraunst, 

Perfect! I'll lock this thread now. If you have any other concerns, feel free to create a new thread.

Many thanks,