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How to use Nest WiFi Router as a Point

Community Member

Hi we setup one Nest WiFi Router to our modem with two additional points.


I have two extra Nest WiFi routers not currently setup. Is it possible to use them as two additional points?


whenever I try to set them up in Google Home, it tries to setup a whole new WiFi network.


any ideas how to achieve setting them up as two additional points not new networks?


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Using Nest Wifi routers as additional points should be as easy as described in this guide:

Make sure they are factory reset and ready for set up:

You can also try to set it up while its' LAN port is connected by ethernet cable to the primary puck LAN port. After setup, ethernet cable can be removed.

I don't work for Google.

Hello, I am having the same issue as user Beeshke above. I previously had several nest WiFi routers setup as points to another nest WiFi router. I was not able to add an additional one recently so I did a factory reset on all of the devices. Now that I reset up my Network on the nest WiFi router I can not connect any of the original or new routers as points. When I do try to set them up I get this issue(pic attached) where it thinks it is setting up an additional Network, not a point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Capture.JPG 

I still have the same issue and we never figured it out.

It's a bummer. I started a new post on this, so hopefully it gains some more traction and solutions.