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Infuriating connection issues

Community Member

I have a nest wifi router and 2 nest access points. Each is within 30 feet of the other, direct line of site. There are no walls or floors separating them. The router is version 14150.43.81. The access points are 1.54.294928. I live in a large building with a noisy and busy wifi environment. 

Without cause or warning the mesh will disintegrate several times a day. The router is online but I can't wireless ping one or both of the access points. All that I can do is to restart one or all 3 of the devices. Again, this happens multiple times a day. It also affects the Chrome TV which is 5 feet away from the router. 

I have changed nothing on my end. For the past year or two it's been rock solid. Since I can't seem to find a log to look at I can't tell what might have changed on Nest.

Ethernet connections are unaffected. When the mesh is down I can still ping and access the web. This isn't an isp problem.

I am ready to throw these pieces of crap out the window and try another mesh provider, maybe something that gives me better control of the channels or a log I can look at for troubleshooting. 

Your help is most appreciated.