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Latency Spikes when pinging router and other other IPs.

Community Member

Hello All


I recently started having ping issues in every game I play where the latency jumps every couple of seconds. Jumps of about 40ms. I tried pinging and saw a similar pattern. Typical times were about 12-16ms but every 10 pings or so there is a spike up to 50-100ms. I then tried pinging the (nest router) and again saw the same pattern. Typically 2-5ms with spikes up to 45ms.

I'm not the most tech saavy person but that is leading me to believe it is an issue with the router and/or nest mesh. Download and upload speeds are totally fine. Also not having issues connecting to the network. Nest wifi (non-pro so no WIFI 6). I've had nest wifi for a couple months now and this just started occurring the past few days.

I've tried:

1. Restarting the system through home app.

2. ipconfig release, flushdns, renew etc.

3. Running mesh test. Connections are great.

4. Looked at "Preferred activities" but nothing was checked (this was mentioned in another thread).

Any help is appreciated.